An electronic-music wonderland

Published On 02/28/2013 Published On 02/28/2013

City Ordinance 247b requires that every PDX citizen play in a synthesizer-heavy indie band at some point, so avoid being arrested by hitting this artillery shed for bleeps, blips, and bloops courtesy of old-school keyboards, Moogs, and high-tech synths. And since you have no idea how to use those, they'll hook you up with classes.

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1. Control Voltage 3742 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 (N Portland)

Portland has long been a hot bed for indie music, producing groups like The Decemberists, Portugal. The Man, Blitzen Trapper, and YACHT, among many others. (Bonus tip: look these up to impress your hipster-inclined friends.) Since it's an unwritten requirement that every Portlander at least attempt to start an indie band with a penchant for synthesizers, Control Voltage is your place to go for drum machines, synths, samplers, and all the other equipment you'll need. And since you've probably got no idea how to use any of them, CV can hook you up with some classes.



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