A day full of pools, booze, Slip 'n Slides, and snowball fights

Just when you thought swimming couldn't get any more enjoyable thanks to that super-fun dude Ryan Lochte who enthusiastically sings popular songs in YouTube videos, there comes the Pop-Up Pool Party at Portland Meadows, an entire afternoon of splash-happy times in the horse track's infield.

Just show up this Sunday, and you'll join hundreds of people primed to engage in chicken fights in 13 separate 15x36ft inflatable pools (which only get about 3-4ft deep, to ensure those chicken fights are extra dangerous) as you totally ignore the horses you just bet on at special kiosks set up on the infield. Other things to enjoy: a "giant" Slip 'n Slide, DJ sets by Tyler Tastemaker and Four Color Zack (winner of the Thre3Style national competition! Also the Art Director at Wexley School For Girls in Seattle!), grills charring up delicious meats, and a bar set up in the pool area

Survive all that, and you'll be prepared to do battle in a summertime snowball fight fueled by a Hawaiian-style shaved-ice cart So Cold, which'll be re-appropriating its icemaker to churn out ammo to hurl at strangers, which should be a nice option once Lochte starts peeing in the pools... but you know, for fun!