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Bossanova Ballroom
Burlesque-ing in a Winter wonderland

Celebrating the holidays with a completely different kind of stockings, Big Time! Burlesque's taking over the Bossanova Friday with Mistletoe Peepshow, a slinky performance that'll ensure your Jingle Bells are rocked -- and you can snag a set of free tickets through Thrillist (so keep reading).

The Show: Portland sextet Orchestre L'Pow gets horny (... with saxes and trombones) while playing jazzed up versions of "Blue Christmas" and other not-sexy songs as the dancers shimmy on a holiday-themed stage while the MC and scantily clad elves hand out presents.

The Girls: Performers like Vancouver-based Burgundy Brixx and Portlanders Nina Nightshade and Itty Bitty Bang Bang (she's the tall one) will climb out of costumes inspired by the likes of The Nutcracker alongside a sexed-up Grinch, who is presumably from the next town over, Whooterville.

The Booze: Each of the performers has inspired a special, Drambuie-based cocktail, including Madison Moore's Ginger Snap, Orchestra L'Pow's vodka & Blue Curacao potion, and Ms. Nightshade's specialty blend of Cachaca & Lillet Blanc that'll ensure you're Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time.

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1. Bossanova Ballroom 722 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

A venue space that houses all kinds of events from burlesque shows and swing dancing D.J.'s to corporate functions and wedding parties.

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