Your best chance to make people piss their pants

While everyone knows about FrightTown, most people don't know that you can be the one terrorizing people in the basement of the Memorial Coliseum, whether in the zombie-themed Contagion, the goofy Baron Von Goolo's Museum of Horror, or the horrifying Bill Walton's sideburns Black Box

Whether you have an overriding urge to be a clown, zombie, psycho hillbilly, or mad scientist, all you need to do is hit their site, indicate your scariest skills/traits, and provide a reference that'll lie and claim that you're not gonna actually harm anyone. Then they'll sit you in a makeup chair, make you look more horrifying than you already do, and set you loose

There's no time commitment (you can do just one day of 10 if you want), and you won't get paid, but the opportunity to make grown men urinate on their APCs is a special kind of currency -- just click the photo above for a virtual tour of what it's like to work as a FrightTown monster.