Green beer that won't dye your teeth

The Bonnaroo to the Oregon Brewers Fest's Coachella (sorry, it's hologram-Jerry Garcia-less), the smoothly acronymed NAOBF returns Fri-Sun to Overlook Park, bringing food vendors, ~20 rock, funk, and bluegrass bands, and the requisite hula-hooping flower children. Luckily they're tolerable once you've consumed tons of green beer (the chemical-free kind, not the St. Pat's kind) from 40+ breweries, most offering one-off batches made specifically for the fest, including

Uncommon Brewers Bacon Brown Ale: Bacon has found its way into olive oil, peanut brittle, sunflower seeds, and, terrifyingly, lube. For the sex. Now forget that by drinking this thick brown ale infused with just-intense-enough smoked bacon flavor.

Ukiah Brewing Navarro Yarrow: Just like Joel Przybilla, this herbal English-style beer has zero hops (it uses yarrow flower & leaf instead).

Elliott Bay Brewing Olde Burien 600 Malt Liquor: Using rice and corn to give it a mass-produced tinny (yet charmingly delicious!) flavor, Olde Burien is an Olde English alternative for bums insistent on reducing their carbon footprints

FOTM Shocks of Sheba IPA: Wing joint Fire on the Mountain's brewery made a 6.9% hops explosion that goes down so easy, you might see glowing visions of Jerry before you start Dancin' in the Street.