Documenting beautiful women who give a craft

Crafty girls are totally awesome: not only will they knit you hats and make your birthday card by hand, but their mac and cheese is basically the industry standard for boxed meals. And they're also apparently incredibly good-looking, at least according to Sextsy

Created by a PDX dude who's been a fan of the craft scene for years but has "never had a way to play along", Sextsy aggregates photos of smokin' hot, barely-clad ladies from the not-as-innocent-as-you'd-think pages of the craft-selling uber-site, then adds snarky commentary you will likely ignore to keep looking at smokin' hot, barely-clad ladies who love making aprons. Some handiwork of note

A drowsy, extremely unmotivated-looking Latvian sports leg warmers claimed to help women feel "powerful and feminine all day", though Sextsy adds that Latvian girls sleep so much "their day is only, like, 3 hours long.

Sextsy compliments a pin-up-type chick flashing a smile over her shoulder while modeling a bikini top said to pair with "a variety of our bottom", though not a variety of our Batum, although it would be nice to have a few more of him

The copy for the truly interesting "Charm Bolero" with puffy shoulders and hearts over the hoo-hoos claims "This unique shrug is designed to add the extra 'wow' factor to your latex outfit", presumably beyond the factor of "wow, you are definitely wearing a latex outfit"

While it's often impressively NSFW, Sextsy claims to have a non-perving purpose as a shopping tool for dudes, with each photo linking back to the seller from which it was sourced, so you can help these crafty girls afford a nice dinner that's well beyond their namesake: Velveeta Shells & Cheese!!