The Portland Bucket List: 30 Things You Need to Do Before You Die

Published On 05/04/2015 Published On 05/04/2015

You know what it takes to be a Portlander (and how to spot a faker), but figuring out how to get the most out of life in Stumptown is about as easy as, uh, something that's not super easy at all. And we should know because we... um, did exactly that by assembling an official Portland bucket list with 30 things everyone from PDX needs to do before they die. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below...

Flickr/Trevor H

1. Eat at a food cart

Preferably Nong’s. Or any of these places.

2. Get caught in a downpour on your way home

Because it was 70 degrees and sunny when you left.

3. Float the river

Clackamas, Sandy, Willamette, who cares. Get out there.

4. Swim in the Willamette

Just make sure it hasn’t rained recently.

5. Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls

Get a different perspective for once.

Flickr/Holly Hayes

6. Eat at Voodoo Doughnut

Complain the entire time you’re in line about how you should have gone somewhere else instead.

7. Have a Spanish Coffee at Huber’s

Remember to tip your bartender.

8. Go skiing in the summer

It’s not just a good date idea, where else can you take a quick trip to a glacier?

9. Watch the sunset from the Bluffs

Bonus points for catching a contact buzz.

10. Get lost in the corn maze on Sauvie Island

Find your way out by following a bunch of kids dressed like the X-Men.

Portland Farmers Market

11. Instagram a photo of your farmers market haul

End up throwing most of it away in a couple weeks.

12. Wake up hoarse

And barely remember yesterday’s Timbers match.

13. Yell at a car

It’s a bike lane, man!

14. Understand, conceptually, how to make beer

You've toured every brewery, so you can totally make your own suds at home, right? Right?!

15. Complain about gentrification

During a dinner party at your new high-rise apartment.

Pok Pok

16. Eat two dozen wings at Whiskey Soda Lounge while waiting for a table at Pok Pok

... And drink about half a dozen whiskey sours.

17. Be "that guy" on a distillery tour

Sure we'll take another swig of White Dog!

18. Finding the next best brunch

... While waiting in line for brunch.

19. Pick up a girl at New Seasons

It’s even easier than Whole Foods.

20. Check out the swifts

Watching thousands of birds fly into a chimney is surprisingly riveting!

Flickr/Thomas Hawk

21. Go to a strip club

Because is a life without a lap dance really worth living?

22. See the West Coast’s oldest drag queen

At 85 years old, Darcelle XV still performs weekly!

23. Talk your way out of getting fined on the MAX

Just pretend you’re not from here.

24. Believe this is the Blazers' year

Oops, we mean believe that NEXT year is the Blazers' year.

25. Inadvertently read an entire book on the floor of Powell’s

Who says print is dead?

Flickr/Travis Estell

26. Smell the roses

At the International Rose Test Garden of course.

27. Poke around the Shanghai Tunnels

Preferably with a beer in hand.

28. Have an after-hours shot of fernet

Because your friend is the bartender.

29. Listen to Elliott Smith while it’s raining

While also smoking a cigarette, of course

30. Have your "art" featured in a coffee shop

Or your "journalism" on a website...

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