Bearded ladies, naked ladies, and Kanye minus the Kanye

Portland Event of the Week
Saturday, May 31st: The five-hour Strippers Delight Short Bus Tour promises that no matter what kind of adult spots you prefer, from dives to sexed-up, they've got you covered... literally, since the tour price also includes admission at one of PDX's bigger clubs.

Friday, May 30th: Catch famed Kanye beatsmith Evian Christ on his first major tour over at Rotture. Continue Reading

Friday, May 30th: 30 years ago something was buried in Pioneer Square. Today we’re going to find out what it was

Saturday, May 31st, 4pm: Portland's shady past doesn't just include that time you and your girlfriend's co-worker... err, nevermind. It also includes all the stuff you'll learn on this walking tour of our city’s sinful past, starting at the Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill.

Sunday, June 1st: Celebrate RingSide’s 70th birthday with dinner from guest chef Andrew Gregory and Stumptown’s founder, Duane Sorenson. But first, you'll need to score some tix...

Sunday, June 1st: Apparently, men aren’t the only ones with beards in this city, so head over to the Tonic Lounge for the bearded lady competition (?!).