26 Ways to Tell Transplants and Locals Apart in Portland

Published On 03/09/2015 Published On 03/09/2015

If you've recently moved to Portland, you probably already know that you should avoid umbrellas if you want to fit in, and the line at Voodoo if you want the best donuts in Portland, but those aren't the only ways to tell a transplant from a PDX local. In fact, here're 26 ways...


Transplants: Work at Nike or Intel
Locals: Work in the service industry

Transplants: Bring a bathing suit to the coast
Locals: Bring a wetsuit

Transplants: Seriously consider the tanning bed in February
Locals: Haven't shaved a leg since November

Transplants: Dye their hair blonde
Locals: Dye their hair blue

Flickr/Elly Blue

Transplants: Owns or leases a vehicle
Locals: Built a bike

Transplants: Takes public transportation for fun
Locals: Misses the Fareless Square

Transplants: Shops at Saturday Market
Locals: Vends at Saturday Market

Transplants: Buys overpriced local goods
Locals: Makes their own

Transplants: Quotes Portlandia
Locals Pretends they don’t watch Portlandia

Wikimedia/Another Believer

Transplants: Think this is the year the Blazers win it all
Locals: Know better

Transplants: Have a backup once the Blazers are eliminated
Locals: Secretly wished this was the year

Transplants: Buy kombucha
Locals: Give away SCOBYs

Transplants: Live in the Pearl
Locals: Avoid the Pearl

Urban Farmer Portland

Transplants: Wait in line for brunch
Locals: Won’t tell you where they eat on the weekend

Transplants: Love the new Downtown Target
Locals: Think Target is like, corporate, man

Transplants: Know how to drive in inclement weather
Locals: Don't leave the house if the weatherman says it may snow

Transplants: Spend an entire day at Powell’s
Locals: Know the best time to avoid the crowds

Transplants: Shop on 23rd
Locals: Sell clothes to second hand stores on 23rd

Flickr/Sam Beebe

Transplants: Wear underwear during the naked bike ride
Locals: Bike naked regularly

Transplants: Watch a movie at midnight and pay $10
Locals: Wait for an independent theater to pick it up and pay $3 (and gets beer!)

Transplants: Make reservations when The New York Times mentions a restaurant
Locals: Generally disagree with The New York Times... and have already been there twice

Transplants: Long for decent (insert your favorite regional cuisine)
Locals: Tell you there’s a new cart that serves the best (insert your favorite regional cuisine)

Flickr/Matt' Johnson

Transplants: Find all of our bridges cute
Locals: Are waiting for the Morrison to collapse

Transplants: Pay for the MAX
Locals: Pretend they’re just visiting when confronted by TriMet

Transplants: Call for a cab
Locals: Know walking is faster

Transplants: Freak out about mold in the bathroom
Locals: Have a mushroom farm

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