Zombie Cruises and Police Cars

Your hangover's subsided, you've eaten all 4000 fun-size Mounds bars intended for trick or treaters, and you've retired your Slutty Sam Adams costume after four years of hilarity. Which means that now it's time to... keep partying, because real-Halloween's on Wed. Here's what's going down:Zombie Stripper Night: Starting at 9p on Tues, Lucky Devil is doing the zombie stripper thing, only it's being hosted by "Mini Marilyn Manson" Nik Sin and features undead dancers no taller than five feet. Get the sexy low-down here.Zombie Cruise: Floating down the horrifically contaminated Willamette, which is scarier than any zombie imaginable, the Portland Spirit riverboat's hosting a 3hr, prom-themed jaunt with a costume contest, full bar, and DJ sets providing the soundtrack for the creepiest cruise this side of Tom on Oprah. Tickets are floating around here.Police Cars: PDX's The Police Cars are disbanding after this show, so this is your last chance to hear covers from Polyphonic Spree and Candlebox The Police and The Cars at former bordello/ supposedly haunted bar White Eagle Saloon. These details are just what you needed.7 Deadly Sins: Stars Cabaret at Bridgeport's getting all Spacey with $4 Jaeger and Cuervo shots while the ladies distribute lap dances are repping the sins... just hope they're more like Mounds than Almond Joy in the lack-of-nuts category. Find out just what you're in for here.