Get on a ship. Solve a murder. Wear mad sexy baggy pirate pants.

So there's this thing you can do, where you basically board a pirate ship and pretend you're a pirate, or someone related to a pirate, and you solve a murder mystery (involving pirates!) and eat and drink and wink at aesthetically pleasing lady pirates, and it's all a little ridiculous, except for the fact that its also kind of awesome. Oh yeah, it's called Pirate Murder Mystery. Proof of said sweetness:"It's kind of like a live version of CLUE". But with pirates instead of Professor Plum. Essentially, you'll decide if you want to be a detective or a character who is a potential suspect. You'll get character cards. You'll read these cards and get in character. The story will begin. People will freak out. SOMEONE WILL HAVE DIED (via pirate!). Costumes are encouraged, and people who work there will be slinking around also in costume, playing people from San Diego's history like Erastus Horton (of Horton Plaza!) and some crazy dude with a dead parrot on his shoulder. A scavenger-hunt-style treasure hunt ensues at one point. More people may die. REMEMBER: You're dealing with pirates! There are provided apps (think deli sandwiches and pizza and other stuff that pirates definitely ate) and you'll get one drink, and can purchase more from the on-board saloon (that's what pirates called it, right?).If you've got enough doubloons to charter the whole thing, they'll let you use the "costume chest" and change up the story or add characters and character names specifically for whatever theme you're into. But, uh, that's going to be pirate, right?