Swedes, East Asian street food, and Austrian beer

The Swedish master of barrel-based wares, Gustaf Rooth, is kicking off a live music series Saturday, filling his 100yr-old Craftsman house/gallery with friends (also, potentially: you!) for a smashing good time that will require restraint, if you don't also want to get smashed. So, aside from the free-thinking lady types who typically hang around art galleries, here are four more reasons to get thee to this shindig

  • The musical guest will be an award-winning singer/ songwriter whose blend of soul, jazz, funk, and blues can best be summed up by the word Souzzblunk, which should now be a thing.
  • Adding to his Barrelly Made It line, Gustaf will be debuting new wine tables made from assorted French/American oak staves, and premiering his new bourbon/ wine barrel smoker that -- in a marketing ploy described as "smart" -- he's calling the IQ.
  • Chef Rob Conaway of the soon-to-be-blowing-your-mind Meekong Kitchen will be using Gustaf's IQ's to smoke beef/chicken/veggies for some culturally disorienting East Asian Street Tostadas.
  • Keeping their friends close, and their friends with booze even closer, pals from Trumer will be handing out brews, BlueFoot Lounge and Soda Bar will tap a TBA keg, and Chef Christian Gomez from Whetstone Wine Bar will be putting you in a free-thinking mood by pouring some of his favorite bottles.