10 Ways Dating in San Diego Is Different Than Anywhere Else

Dating culture in San Diego is a little different. Hooking up is no problem, what with the alarming number of attractive single people, but settling into an actual relationship can be tricky, because of that thing we just mentioned. But if you came to San Diego looking for love, here's an indispensable guide to understanding how things work here:


1. Surfers and yogis are a dime a dozen

If you’re on the hunt for someone who’s into catching waves or bending themselves into a pretzel, then you have your pick around here. However, if you’re not into surfers or yogis your dating pool in SD just got significantly smaller.

2. Competition is fierce

San Diego is swarming with beautiful people, so your game better be on point if you want to stand out. Don't let the laid-back Cali thing fool you.

Flickr/Brian Box

3. There is more to dating than just dinner and a movie

First dates don’t have to be the same old predictable coffee, dinner, or drinks routine. Thanks to weather that rivals the beauty of the general population, outdoor activities are a perfectly acceptable, and even advisable, first date move any time of year.


4. You can judge a person by their neighborhood

This applies both to where they live and where they suggest going out. If you want to base the potential of your date strictly on local neighborhood stereotypes, odds are they’ll prove to be fairly accurate. Do you want to get a drink in North Park? Sure. Chula Vista? Not so much.

5. Dating ADD is a real thing

Everyone around here is dating at least four people at a time until they find the "one" who can convince them to be in an exclusive relationship. But let’s be real, even then they’ve probably got at least one other option on standby.


6. Convenience is key

Nobody wants to put in too much effort, so if you’re in SD and they’re in North County, that relationship is over before it even started.

7. Tourist season

Talk about speed dating...


8. Swiping through Tinder is like taking a walk down memory lane

With every swipe of the screen, you’ll find yourself scrolling through photos of people who you’ve already dated or someone you know has.


9. Everyone looks like they’re Photoshopped

Unlike other cities, we don’t have the luxury of winter. You know, the time of year when you can hide that extra 10lbs under a sweater. When you live in a city where people walk around in either yoga pants or a bathing suit almost every day of the year, fitness is key, so put down that cookie and hit the gym. Fine, eat the cookie. It's amazing. But still, the gym...

10. People are consistent. Consistently flaky and non-committal.

If you plan a date with someone, just assume that it’s tentative. You better confirm with them not only on the day of the date, but an hour before the date if you expect them to actually show up.

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