A super secret dinner. For 1000 people.

The OG of picnic pop-ups (which May's Le Dîner à San Diego flatteringly aped), LDEB will similarly task the chosen 1000 attendees with showing up to a secret location dressed all in white and carrying an “epicurean basket of food”, but will go one step further by shuttling the crowd to an even secret-er location where the massive feast will be augmented by live music and wine spritzers from Troy Johnson's Bon Affair (so now you understand why he wanted to keep it a secret). Because you don't even own a picnic basket, Chef Keith Lord of Festivities Catering is preparing three pre-made options that -- exactly like 2/3rds of The Musketeers -- are all for two. Choose accordingly: If You Wear Status Jeans And Once Petted A Horse: You'll dig "The Basic” comprised of a charcuterie & cheese plate (Fra Mani Genoa Salami/ soppressata/ English cheddar/ St. Andre Triple Cream) alongside a curried quinoa & apple salad, and a schload of dried fruits. If You Went To Private School For Two Years And've Ridden Two Horses You Didn't Own: Opt for “The Coastal Picnic” featuring all of the goodies in “The Basic”, plus an Acini de Pepe salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts & olives, plus a Dijon and St. Agur Bleu dressed caramelized-onion quiche wedge.You Own The Private School And Horses Those Other Two Attended/Rode/Touched: Tell your Rancho friends you're getting down on “The Chef's Diner”, which swaps in roasted beef tenderloin stuffed with tarragon mustard crème fraiche, prosciutto, and an onion chutney that's “Insanely Good”, at least until it meets Troy Johnson's naughty, naughty spritzers.