Get in the spirit(s)

You likely already know about San Diego Spirits Festival, the liquored-up bacchanalia hitting Port Pavilion next week. But what you don't know is that, aside from the cocktail competition (being judged by a certain, handsome, non-specific email publication editor), mo' food trucks than you can shake a relatively light food truck at, and live music, there is a ton of new stuff, including:

  • Ron Jeremy. He's got a rum (Ron de Jeremy, no joke), and he's going to be there, encouraging you to drink said rum, and definitely not saying lewd double-entendre-esque things about putting it in your mouth.
  • Chefs demonstrating cooking techniques using booze! And then giving out samples of that stuff, so people don't leave their tent.
  • Booze from spots like Crater Lake Gin, El Cartel Tequila, and Lithuanian Vodka. Because, seriously: screw Latvian vodka.
  • A VIP tent furnished by the Barrely Made It Guy with wine barrel furniture, and people hiding from Ron Jeremy.
  • Something called Naughty Cow Chocolate Milk For Grown Ups.
  • Something else called Pink Pigeon Rum, which Ron Jeremy did not have a hand or anything else in making, thank God.