Be a semi-boat owner

Because purchasing an entire boat is a pipe dream for basically everyone except whoever it was that originally dreamed up then patented pipes, consider a more realistic option with Nautical Monkey, a new service that allows even you to buy fractional timeshares of a boat off its owners, started by a crew of entrepreneurs who wanted to milk their own floating ride for all it's worth without having to sell off the teets. Start owning part of the Love Boat by:

  • Creating a profile (try and look rich by throwing on a La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club polo!), so you can browse through get-ables by type of craft, body of water, or what marina they're in.
  • Once you've found the schooner/cigarette boat of your dreams, you'll work out terms with the owner (tip: most stick to phrases associated with bench press and curls) then share an intelligent calendar that prioritizes weekends and holidays, so expect former UCLA guard Jrue to incessantly be up in your galley cutting up chum.
  • And after you've started cruising around with or without Jrue, NM still helps you out with useful tools like a service request form to send group admins, a tool for logging the condition of the ship and fuel levels before shipping off/coming in, plus an expense tracker for sharing costs, making sure you're not left shouldering all the costs just because no one else piped up.