A night of crafts on crafts on crafts

Admit it. When you first heard this was called Tap This!, your mind immediately conjured up thoughts that had nothing to do with a night of alliterative "tasty temptations, sips of suds, engaging entertainment, and inspired interaction". Because you were thinking about, like, sexing stuff. But, alas, it's true -- the next incarnation of Science on the Rocks is all about learning "the art of the brew", which apparently means: Taking down all sorts of samples from local restos like Brazen BBQ, D Bar, and of course this crazy, sexy, cool half ground bacon burger from Slater's 50/50. You get tasting tokens. Don't use them to try and play Cruisin' USA. But do use them to sample all sorts of local crafts, like this Hop the RIPA from Helm's, plus suds from Green Flash, Hillcrest, and Stone. Learning things. Like discovering "the physics of beer pong", talking to brewers about The Bachelor and the fiscal cliff and maybe beers and stuff, and competing in a "beer goggle challenge", which you have experience with from trying to sex stuff in the past.