Because people really, really seem to care

Once upon a time, Chrissy Russo was just your average hot meteorologist, who occasionally photographed her outfits and posted them to her news site, and the people, they loved it. Then she got knocked up, and the people, well... they coped the only way they knew how, including:

Proving it's not just a river in Egypt where Ice Cube and J-Lo hunt for giant snakes, Chrissy's fans denied there was a chance she was with child. In some cases, literally: (Dubyadd: “I deny any responsibilty [sic] for Chrissys pregnancy. I did not not have sex with this women, this time"), while others took a more subtle approach (Lipani: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:”).

Upon finding out it was true, some people, and their 6th grade children, decided to take drastic action: (Rachel Entzminger-Lloyd: “I know this is so wrong, yet our entire family stopped waitching [sic] the morning show after finding out Chrissy was pregnant. My 12 year old was disappointed.........I know, odd family yet it's the truth.”).

Such was the state of panic in comment land that even the smallest sign of things being out of the ordinary threw people into complete disarray: (anne619: “hly sh*t! what is she HOLDING!!!???”).

Finally, cooler heads prevailed when Chrissy's fans realized one crucial positive stemming from her pregnancy: her boobs are totally bigger. And, as John m k so eloquently put it, "They will only get better over the next few months”. Yes they will, John m k, yes, they will. Photos courtesy of Edwin Tactay for Fox5