The 22 Worst Decisions You Can Make in San Diego

San Diegans frequently make wonderful decisions. like putting french fries inside a burrito. Sometimes, however, they make bad ones, like these:

1. Going for a swim in the ocean after it rains

If you’ve never heard of urban runoff, Google that shiz and then make sure you don’t go anywhere near the water for 72 hours after a good rain.

Sara Norris

2. Hitting up your favorite 24hr taco shop on your way home from the bar

You’re just going to pass out in bed halfway through those tacos and wake up with salsa in your sheets.

3. NOT hitting up your favorite 24hr taco shop on your way home from the bar

Finishing the leftovers tomorrow morning is going to do wonders for your hangover. Tacos are complicated.

4. Forgetting to validate your parking at Horton Plaza

Only the first three hours are free with validation, and that’s BEFORE 9pm. Mmmm, yeah. That’ll cost you a small fortune.

5. Getting a drink at Cherry Bomb between loads of laundry

Two drinks in and you’ll forget that you were even doing laundry. Oh well, you didn’t really need those shirts anyway.

6. Driving in the rain

The downside of living in a place where the weather is always beautiful is that as soon as it starts to drizzle the roads turn into a demolition derby.

Sara Norris

7. Parking anywhere Downtown when there’s a Padres game

That parking lot that is nowhere near Petco Park and normally costs $7? Today it’s $25. Thanks Padres. Would it kill you to at least win something? You know, for the trouble?

8. Riding your bike home after a night out in PB

Like a lot of San Diegans, you bike everywhere. It seems like a safe alternative for getting home, until you take a tumble and wake up the next morning covered in road rash and missing a tooth. Lock the bike up and call yourself a ride.

9. Going to Blacks Beach expecting some hot naked chicks

Go for the hike and the surf -- it’s much less disappointing than the nudity.

10. Arriving at the wrong airport terminal

You arrive at the airport psyched about the big vacation you’ve been planning for months; too bad you’re going to miss your flight. If your connecting flight is in LA, you’ll probably be leaving from the tiny commuter terminal, not the main airport terminal. This is a mistake you’ll never make twice.

Sara Norris

11. Drinking Red Bull slushies at Shore Club

It seemed like a good idea until you started talking 200 miles an hour and stumbling down the beach talking to a mermaid who wasn’t there.

12. Not wearing sun block so you can get a base tan

This never ends well. For anybody.

13. Forgetting to double check the sign on your meter

Gone are the days of free meter parking after 6pm. Many places run until 8pm now (shakes fist at government). Don’t let them take anymore.

14. Moving to North County

You might as well kiss your friends in San Diego goodbye. No one is going to visit you.

15. Not investing in a Sentri Pass

Unless you really enjoy waiting forever in a mile-long line to cross back over the border or you’re a felon, this is a no brainer. Also a bad decision: felonies.

16. Forgetting that there is yet another marathon/festival/block party shutting down the Gaslamp.

You’re going to end up stuck in traffic and trapped in a detour thru parts of town you never even knew existed. You will never get those four hours back.

17. Riding the mechanical bull at the Double Deuce

Do you really need this spelled out for you?

18.  Overpaying to live Downtown

If you’re going to pay to live in a shoebox, at least make it a shoebox near the beach.

19. Time Warner

20. Accidentally getting on the 805

Or intentionally getting on the 805, actually. Avoid the 805.

21. Accidentally driving into TJ

This can actually be a great decision if you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t, don’t miss that last turn!

22. Moving away from San Diego

Despite all of the above, you’re still ruined when it comes to living anyplace else.

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