The Extremely Naked Truth Behind All of SF's Nude Beaches

Published On 05/05/2015 Published On 05/05/2015
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1. Land's End Nude Beach 8379 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94121

Walk your way through Sutro Heights Park when you get to the end of Geary Ave, and you'll find yourself on nudes-welcome Land's End Beach. Just don't take a right at the end of the path -- the golf course dress code is a little more strict.

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2. North Baker Nude Beach 1504 Pershing Dr, San Francisco, CA 94129

As the largest urban nude beach, North Baker attracts crowds of birthday suit-donning folks and a Burning Man-type atmosphere with artwork, drums, and frisbees. To access the nude area, head to Baker Beach, go to the right past the "Hazardous surf, undertow, swim at your own risk" sign, and you'll have arrived on the north end. Don’t worry... you’ll know when you’re there.

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3. Marshall Nude Beach Langdon Ct, San Francisco, CA 94129

Marshall Beach earns the distinctions of being a mainly gay nude beach and having one of the best views of the bridge (in fact, it also goes by the name Golden Gate Bridge Beach), so if both of those are your thing, get on it and nab one of the driftwood/rock cabana situation built by nude sunbathers past.

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4. Fort Funston Nude Beach Ft Funston Rd, San Francisco, CA 94118

Technically, after a series of crackdowns, there is no specific spot on the beach designated as an official nude spot. However, use your discretion, and you may find kinship with another adventurous exhibitionist (try it out on a weekday).

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5. Devil's Slide (Gray Whale Cove) Nude Beach 95 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Once you get to the beach, head toward the Northern end (the nude end), separated from the rest of the beach by a rock wall.

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6. San Gregorio Nude Beach Cabrillo Hwy, San Gregorio, CA 94019

Walk yourself down the beach path and take a right turn -- everything North of the entrance is your ticket to nude freedom.

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7. Muir/Little Nude Beach Muir Beach Overlook, Muir Beach, CA 94365

Just 16 miles north of the city in Marin County, Marin Beach is a quick day-trip for a sunny afternoon. If you want to forgo the tanlines, get yourself to the clothing-optional section of this gorgeous and secluded beach. To find the bare bathers, head to the beach and keep walking until you cross the line of rocks that divides the nude and non-nude portions. Just don’t forget the sunblock.

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8. Red Rock Nude Beach 3325 Shoreline Highway, Stinson Beach, CA 94970

Make sure you're at Red Rock Beach, and not at Stinson (aim about a half-mile South of the latter) and you are in the clear! There's a parking area right off of Highway One, take the path to the beach and have fun!