The 8 best days to live in San Francisco

The eight best days to live in SF. You know which days wouldn't make the list (Bay to Breakers, Critical Mass, every foggy day in July), but what about the ones that totally would? Obviously today is one of them (hello, Giants home opener), but what about the other seven? Huh? HUH?

Here're the eight best days to live in SF:

1. San Francisco Giants' home opener
Tuesday, April 8th
Even if, for some reason, you’re not a baseball fan, this is still a fun day to blow off everything, drink a zillion beers, put on a fuzzy panda hat, and pretend like you are.


2. Thrillist's Best Day Of Your Life
Saturday, June 21st

3. Burning Man
August 25th – September 1st
There are a lot of attention-seekers in SF who love to take drugs, accessorize their nudity with furry hats, and listen to horrible music -- all in the name of “art”, “self-expression”, and “enlightenment”. Needless to say: these people suck. Thank God they all migrate to the desert for a week at the end of the Summer and give the rest of us a much-needed break from their terrible-ness. If only they’d just stay there forever. (No seriously, how can we make that happen?)

4. The first Sunday of NFL football
September 7th
Even if your team sucks (Raiders!), you’ll wake up on this particular Sunday with hope in your heart that this year is Your Year. And while this is technically a great day all across America (because you finally have a legitimate reason to spend all day -- starting at 10am! -- in a bar), it’s even better if you live in SF. Because we actually have a shot at the Super Bowl.

5. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
October 3-5th
Sure, there are people who get excited for Outside Lands. But if there's one, must-attend music festival, Hardly Strictly is where it’s at. You can bring your beer, your dog (if you dare), and best of all? It’s free. It’s basically a music festival for grownups. And that’s a good thing.

6. Fleet Week
October 9-13th
In theory, Fleet Week is The Worst. The Blue Angels are a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, an inefficient use of oil and fuel, and an unnecessary source of both air and noise pollution. But who cares?! It’s six F/A-18 Hornet jets flying in ridiculously tight, dangerously low formations all over the city! Plus: ships and stuff. It’s the perfect weekend to hit up your friend with that awesome rooftop deck and spend the day grilling and drinking -- all in the name of, uh, fleet-ing.

7. The night before Thanksgiving
November 26th
Back in your college days, everyone used to come home for Thanksgiving, and Wednesday night was THE night to go out and party. Now that you're out of college, though, when everyone comes home for Thanksgiving... Wednesday night is still THE night to go out and party. Plus, what better night to foster a terrible next-day headache than the one before a day dedicated solely to sitting around, drinking, watching football, and stuffing your face? (Assuming other people are doing the cooking, which, if you’re living your life correctly, they should be.)

8. Christmas Day
December 25th
Christmas Day in SF is magical not because it’s a holiday where you spend time with your family, open presents, and get fat, but because it’s the one day of the year that almost all of the transplants flee back to their homes in the Midwest, the South Bay, or wherever they’re from that’s not San Francisco. The streets are empty and eerily quiet. The weather is mild. There are so many parking spaces that you’ll just want to drive around all day and pull into each and every one. That alone is a Christmas miracle worth celebrating.

Daisy Barringer is a freelance writer who grew up in San Francisco and believes watching baseball is the best way to kill time until football season starts. Follow her on Twitter.