25 SF Instagrams you need to follow right now

Ah, Instagram. Where we San Franciscans go to post photos that not-so-subtly brag about how much better our lives are than everyone else's. And while it's hard to take a bad picture in SF (because: SF), some Instagrams are better than others. These are those some.


Other than the awesome fact that this Instagrammer is an SF girl (!) who lives by the bay (!!!), the actual reason to follow her is that she sees things in a pretty cool way that you might not... like how these houses by Ocean Beach look exactly like Neapolitan ice cream.


Looks pretty awesome. Also: Leroy is a dog.


You'll tell yourself you're only going to watch one of his Instagram videos. Then you'll actually watch all of his Instagram videos. And you'll be okay with it, 'cause they're incredible.


Dude (half) invented Instagram, so for sure his latte art pics are going to be way better than your latte art pics.


Things aren't always black and white... except on this Instagram account that captures iconic SF spots in just that.


Aubrie Pick's food photos laugh in the face of your food photos.


Yeah, he's the guy who invented the hashtag, but #bigwhoop. We follow him for his gorgeously composed photos.


Come for the fact that he was Instagram's first hire and takes great pics of SF. Stay for his incredibly lovable dog.


It's a cat. And a dog. Who live in San Francisco and love each other. And sometimes wear matching outfits. This one is a no-brainer.


There's porn and then there's food porn. Which one do you prefer? Ugh, never mind. Just follow this Instagram for lots of good SF food shots.


Is Ross the author's brother? Sure. But does he deserve to be on this list because of his beautiful time-lapse photography and cityscapes? Also sure.


You already follow Boo on Facebook (RIGHT?), so why not follow Buddy AND Boo on Instagram. That's right: Buddy and Boo are both SF residents. #blessed


It's Chewie, but in SF. You love it.


This Instagram showcases photographs from Instagrammers who perfectly capture that there's "no wrong way to love SF" (although we prefer to love it with both feet on the ground).


Michael Lamotte is a Bay Area native who's been shooting food for over 25 years.


Every photo on this account is of totally mundane stuff -- walls, windows, door handles -- that turn out to be not-actually-that mundane through her lens.


Hello, pretty. (And there's a lot more where this one came from.)


He's a freelance photographer and yeah, there are kind of a lot of baby pics lately, but whatever because this dog is just chillin'.


Ray Chavez is a professional photographer for the Oakland Tribune and his Instagram feed looks it.


Want a side of SF not often seen on Insta? Follow Travis. Plus, his portraits are some of the best on any social media platform.


You might not be able to get up early enough to actually get Tartine's morning buns, but at least you can look at them on Instagram... right?


Ron Cervi is the news and traffic reporter for KCBS which means one thing: amazing aerial shots of SF.


The Bay Area food magazine posts drool-worthy food photos. You look like you haven't drooled in a while, why not live a little?


One of the best (and definitely most colorful) love letters to San Francisco there is.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor. Follow her on Instagram @daisysf for lots of pictures of her adorable Saint Bernard, Monkey, and the occasional humblebrag selfie.