Guile would totally go here

Being in an arcade can bring back a lot of fond memories, like when you spent your entire allowance to take Derrick Coleman and Drazen Petrovic to the NBA Jam Finals, just before Mom picked you up in the family minivan. Man, last Friday was great! Well, make this Friday great too, at the Southtown Arcade, now open

From a pair of Brojam N Earls who've been dropping rosebushes together for over a decade, Southtown's a new Tokyo-style arcade nudged up against the Stockton Tunnel's south end, with 13 velvet-stooled sit-down arcade cabinets from Japan. Using slightly different joystick/button styles, their mostly 25c machines (which all seat two) include almost-impossible-to-find-in-the-US titles like Tetris: The Grand Master 3 and The King of Fighters XIII, plus classics like Metal Slug and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, which easily make it worth the drive there in your (E.) Honda. They're also about to add all-time great Super Street Fighter IV and a projector screen they'll use for hosted gaming tourneys, plus soon they'll up their classics collection even more with Wardner, Ms. Pac-Man, Strider, and Double Dragon, games that're old enough that you may be able to jimmy and Billy Lee the coin return to get your quarter back

They're also stocked with a small line of video game-referencing streetwear so you can stylishly rep Thunder Force, plus they'll add food/drink later this summer, hopefully at a competitive Price... plus, Brad Daugherty!