All other theaters are inferior to this

Since the last time you watched a movie in a basement, Jackie C totally let you cop some over-the-shirt action, do it again at SF's only movie-screening basement sure to make you feel just as weird in your no-no area: Cinecave, now open.Housed underneath independent movie-renter Lost Weekend Video, Cinecave's the Mission's new 25-seat micro-theater -- a cinephile retreat with old film canisters scattered on the floor, a way-better-than-Mom's-basement-quality sound system & projector screen, actual movie theater seating, and a red carpet that sadly doesn't match the drapes (they're black). To score membership/access to this super-exclusive space, all you need to do is register with Lost Weekend (which is doubly awesome 'cause then you can rent Airborne there w/o any hassle) and be one of the first 25 to show up on movie night -- it's $10 to get in, or if you pre-pay and get a "Cinecave Pass", they'll hook you up with a discount and you'll have a guaranteed seat. Their schedule changes every week, but the current line-up is Twin Peaks tonight, camp-tastic The Children (radioactive child-zombies w/ microwave arms) on Friday, then Willow and The Beastmaster on Sunday as part of Theme Night, which happens to be Swords & Sorcery this weekend, but will vary to include genres like Kung Fu, Horror, and Van Damme.Cooler still, you can actually rent the space and screen whatever you want (see: Airborne), or be super adventurous and check out one of their "lost" film screenings, which'll feature a movie you can't find on DVD, was never shown in a traditional theater, or isn't rentable at the store -- you're getting that weird feeling in your no-no area again, aren't you?