Like camping, but in the Mission, and with more beer and Bulleit Bourbon s'mores

Combining all things you like about camping (tents, drinking beer under the stars… um… eating Vietnamese street food… er… watching movies on projector screens...), with none of the stuff you don't (bears, your girlfriend having hairy legs, bears having hairy legs), The Rice Paper Scissors Camp-In is a tents-included pop-up campout going down this Saturday at food truck courtyard Mission Dispatch. Here's how the night breaks down

4-7p: Dinner!Because nothing says camping like Fried Egg Banh Mi and a Hanoi-style Beef Pho with fresh noodles drenched in a beef broth for six hours (plus hanger steak and meatballs), they'll have both of those for sale

7-9p: Movie!Thematically appropriate/awesome-on-its-own Wet Hot American Summer will be projected on a wall, plus they'll be selling three types of popcorn (try the fried shallots and shredded coconut), an Asian Candy Grab Bag (Pocky Sticks!!), and Bulleit bourbon-dipped marshmallow s'mores

4-9p: Drinking!Also: there'll be a selection of nearby Southern Pacific Brewery beers available to keep you warmer than your hairy-legged girlfrien…OH MY GOD THERE'S A BEAR IN MY TENT TRYING TO SPOON ME!!!