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Comstock Saloon
Finally, that crazy mustache pays off

The Deal: Wednesday, Nov 28th, Comstock's hosting their second annual Whiskey Waxing Mustache & Beard Competition, which -- whether you enter or not -- is gonna involve a bunch of dudes with epic she-ticklers battling it out for your whiskey-charged votes

The Crowd: If you are merely an observer of facial hair greatness, you can buy tickets to this event for a $10 donation to Movember for mustaccess to 2-for-1 snacks and Happy Hour drink specials while you watch mystery judges decide whose face-cover makes them the best bearded man... or woman! Equal opportunity, yo

The Contestants: If you happen to be a man or woman with luxurious facial locks, you can enter the contest yourself for the chance to be judged on your style, form/poise, and ability to sip whiskey with your mustache/beard (hello, free whiskey) for the chance to win prizes that are a surprise, but are heavily "whiskey related" (so we meet again, more free whiskey)

The Bonus: There'll be live music, so if you're a fan of barbershop quartets (and the irony of having them at a facial hair competition), you are in goddamn luck

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1. Comstock Saloon 155 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Comstock's an elegantly appointed, throwback cocktail bar with classically gourmet pub grub, brought to you by the booze-slingers behind Absinthe (the brasserie & bar that serves creative upscale American-influenced French brasserie and Northern Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner).

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