Wait, they're doing a Running of the Bulls... in the Bay Area??

Started by two guys who realized just how exorbitantly cost-prohibitive going to Pamplona for the actual Running of the Bulls was, The Great Bull Run is bringing the absolute balls-to-the-wall adrenaline rush that comes from running in front of a stampeding 2-3,000lb creature to the Alameda County Fairgrounds on July 26th. Here're five things you need to know about it.

1. You'll need to register

Give 'em all your info, sign a totally low-key waiver (about how it's not their fault if you die), pick from one of six race times, and in return you'll get access to the event, a shirt, AND A BANDANA!!!

2. Running with the bulls is more like a dash than a marathon

These beasts travel at 35mph, which means they are A LOT faster than you -- so you pick a point at which you want to sprint in front of them, then dodge off the track once their horns get a little too close for comfort. But don't worry, unlike the Spanish one, these bulls are treated humanely, not killed after, and actually accustomed to running alongside humans (making them slightly less prone to goring you).

3. It's followed by a giant tomato fight (that you can register for, too)

Crate upon crate of the frui... vegetab... red circle thingies are unloaded so that you can, well, unload on others. Just squish them a little before and don't take any head shots.

4. There's also a big, all-day festival with music, games, food & drink

AND anything you registered for gets you a free beer. So if you're doing the bull run AND the tomato fight, that's... plus the... carry the... divide by... two beers! You can also register for a "spectator" ticket, wherein you can watch your bros get trampled/pelted, and then join them for the post-run/fight & all-day drinking thing.

5. And most importantly, you can get 20% off your tickets

If you want to run with the bulls (or wuss out and only do the Tomato Royale battle) you can get 20% off by entering "Thrillist" as your promo code when registering right here.

Joe Starkey is Thrillist's San Francisco Editor and will be watching safely from the nosebleed section, thankyouverymuch. Call him out for it on Twitter.