The Bay has a secret island. And you can sleep on it.

Unbeknownst to you, there's actually an island in the Bay area that might be even cooler than Alcatraz, and not just because Alcatraz really isn't that great once you're not five years old, but because this 300ft-long land mass somehow has room for a Victorian freaking bed & breakfast. Assuming the whole "Victorian freaking bed & breakfast" thing isn't enough for you, here're three other reasons you're gonna want to check out East Brother Light Station:

1. It's a great place to kick it during the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse:
Sure, it's not exactly a weird Pleasantville-ish type town with tire/car walls and a governor who has a thing for zombie head fishtanks, but this is a friggin' island -- accessible only by boat -- and they have a huge freshwater cistern (white thing that collects rain) that holds 50,000 gallons of drinkable H20.

2. It's the cheapest way on Earth to play out your James Bond villain fantasies:
So, how much does a secret island lair cost per night nowadays? $1,000? $10,000? One millllllllion dollars? Try $350ish dollars. And it comes with the lighthouse, the option of fishing (with permit), and included-in-the-price four-course meals served every night, so you can basically pretend you're Scaramanga... just don't call the innkeeper Nick Nack.

3. Ugh, something romantic, we guess:
Mumble mumble beautiful Bay views from every room, something something Champagne and hors d'oeuvres served upon arrival, grumble grumble the setting is basically a Nicholas Sparks novel, sniffle sniffle seriously, how great is The Notebook?