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Drinks, food, dancing, secret location

San Francisco

The Deal: The same guys behind Le Diner (that one giant party where half the city dresses up like Sean Combs) are starting a brand-new event that lets you wear white and (get this) black

The Party: Rather than taking place at an undisclosed outdoor locale, this event's going down at a secret indoor location that'll fit around 2000 people who'll all be wearing masks. Just watch out for Nixon

The Accompaniment: You and friends can bring you own food OR get a custom, just-for-this-event catered meal from Flour + Water that involves slow-roasted pork. They're also working with Tonic, which'll let you pre-order wine you can pick up by the bottle... or case (hear that, shirtless David Hasslehoff with a burger?

The Bonus: There's also gonna be music and entertainment in three acts (including two bands and a DJ), plus a martini bar that's definitely gonna be All About The Benjamins (it's cash-only).

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