Even though you're super popular and already have, like, twelve invites to things this Thursday, you should totally bail on all the other ones and instead hit up the Academy of Science's Nightlife, whose theme this week is, swear to God, bacon. "But Thrillist," you say, "One of my invites is to a jarty (jeans party!) which also sounds pretty awesome. Why should I ditch it for this?" Well

1) There Will Be Booze: While most museums would probably look down on you for drinking a forty with the dinosaurs, this one will provide your by-the-dinosaurs drinks at booze stations all over the museum, which'll mix up signature cocktails (Bacon Old Fashioned anyone?)

2) There Will Be Bacon Crack: All of the food's gonna be done Iron Chef-style (bacon's the secret ingredient, duh) with porky goodness from the Bacon Bacon Truck and Bacon Crack (butter-toffee with bacon and almonds, dipped in chocolate) from Nosh This, plus there'll be chef demos from Boccalone and 4505 Meats

3) There Will Be Science (!!!): True story, there's nerdy stuff to check out while wandering around the space, including scientific illustrations of pigs from the Academy’s library archives, plus there's gonna be a dance party from DJ Carnita and a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon breakdown, which'll probably include some Wild Things

4) Bacon: The whole night is about bacon.