Like that one starring Brad Pitt and Nick Nolte, but with more Jericho

Published On 07/08/2011 Published On 07/08/2011

At some point, every guy has wished he was a spy, but only a select few actually achieve the distinction, and even fewer achieve the distinction and also get to coach the New England Patriots. Finally helping you achieve that coveted covert status while skipping the $500K fine from the NFL, Jericho Spy Games.

Created by a dude who used to engineer spy gear at an SF toy factory, JSG is an urban espionage game that splits you and your bros up into two agencies (obviously named the Chinese Ministry of State Security and Cuban Dirección de Inteligencia), outfits you with actual undercover equipment (think video surveillance sunglasses), and unleashes you on the 7X7 for three spook missions your counter-agency'll try to thwart, or if they're into Harry Potter, hog-thwart. Your utility kit will include operative awesomeness like rear-view shades (so you can see perps sneaking up behind you) and a wristwatch with a camera built-in for video tracking, plus spy-ssentials like a walkie-talkie, map, and your trusty laser tag gun disguised El Mariachi-style as a suitcase -- to make your enemy's gun stop working, shoot it 10 times, or simply convince it to challenge Sly Stallone to a street fight at the end of Rocky V. Cooler still, they'll also scatter dead-drop items across the city -- hidden-in-plain-sight objects (rocks, magnets, etc.) that hold micro machines chips and SD cards -- which you'll need to pick up and return to your HQ to complete certain missions.

If you want a taste of the action before setting up a 10-person spy-maggedon, they do a free light version once a month (the next one's July 20th) where everyone brings their own Nerf gun and spy gear, except for that jerk Roger, who just confiscates everyone else's.