Which SF Neighborhood Is the Laziest?

You always want to be the best at something, so for procrastinators in SF, you don't just want to be lazy, you want to be the laziest. Eventbrite surveyed over 400 residents in the Sunset, the Marina, North Beach, the Haight, and the Mission to find out just how much time they spent over the weekend watching TV, chilling in their fat pants, and ordering takeout. The results may surprise you or, if you live in one of these 'hoods: not surprise you. 

Who did the most TV binge-watching?

5. The Haight 
You just can't watch The Simpsons too many times. 

4. The Mission 
Kinda surprising people in the Mission even admit to owning televisions.

3. The Marina 
Is anyone else sort of relieved to find that those Marina kids don't spend every waking hour at the gym?

2. North Beach 
Probably just lots and lots of porn.

1. The Sunset
Clearly the Sunset knows what's up with TV. If you live in that 'hood and have any good show recommendations for us, please leave them in the comments.

Who spent the most time in their jammies?

5. The Mission 
Hipsters don't even own pajamas; they just cruise around the house nekkid wearing only their bushy beards. 

4. The Haight 
Tie-dye onesies for everyone!

3. North Beach 
Probably they are all wearing this ensemble.

2. The Sunset 
Can't binge-watch television in a suit and tie now, can you?

1. The Marina
100% this is just because girls in the Marina don't actually own pants that aren't intended for yoga.

Which 'hood ordered the most takeout?

5. The Mission 
We'd probably leave our houses to eat, too, if we lived in the Mission.

4. North Beach 
Pizza for everyone!

3. The Haight 
Bong hits + video games = lots and lots of takeout.

2. The Marina 
Probably mostly kale salads and pressed juices.

1. The Sunset
It's hard to go out to eat when your butt is glued to the couch.

Courtesy of Eventbrite

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