But of course there's a video tour with a Muppet

Now before you go immediately clicking the giant play button above and start watching another hilarious Thrillist video with a Muppet in it, then start Tweet-ing it, Facebook-ing it, and Google Plus-ing it (totally j/k, nobody uses Google Plus), you should at least get a liiiiittle background on this whole Bennett Lane's Hot Air Balloon Wine Tasting Brunch Package. Two bullet points sound good? Of course they do

Bullet 1) It'll involve you and someone-your-mom-has-met-and-knows-could-never-replace-her-but-will-do-a-mediocre-to-adequate-enough-job-of-taking-care-of-you enjoying a champagne brunch at the The Grill at (Michelin-starred) Meadowood, an hour spent at 2000ft above ground in a hot air balloon (the first ever owned by a Napa winery), and a vino tasting at Bennett Lane's vineyard complete with a picnic lunch.Bullet 2) Opened in 2003, Bennett Lane... you know what, forget it, just watch the hilarious video with a Muppet already.