It’s okay. Go ahead and call it Frisco.

Published On 06/03/2014 Published On 06/03/2014

“Made good passage to ’Frisco. Captain David Carter of Beverly [Mass.] died on the passage out. Think San Francisco is the most contemptible dirty place one could wish to see. Not fit for man or beast.”

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“All Spanish names and expressions are proudly retained and you must never be heard using the irreverent abbreviation ’Frisco, the only curtailment admissible to the dignity of the citizens being that which they frequently use, ‘San Fran.’”

Kelly's Cove Press

"Oh you 60 mile an hour choo-choo hound
Rattle, rattle
Cause I'm Frisco bound!"

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“I’m from East Oakland, I’m an ice-cold player
Born to Mack and got women everywhere
I got one up in E.P.A.
And two down in South Central L.A.
One in Frisco, and one in Berkeley
Got a few Southern girls just to work me.”