17 Stereotypes About San Francisco That Are 100% True

People are always talking about rejecting and breaking stereotypes, and while that's lovely and profound in theory, in reality, it's pretty ridiculous -- there's totally a reason stereotypes exist. And that reason? Most of the time they're 100% true. Like, for example, these 17 stereotypes that people love to bring up about San Francisco and the people who live here.

1. We're all super liberal

In fact, we’re the MOST liberal major city in the US.

2. We're beer snobs

SF has 19 breweries and dozens of craft beer bars. Even our airport serves the good stuff.

3. We're terrible dressers

To be fair, it’s not our fault. We have to wear practical shoes (hills) and a lightweight jacket (fog) at all times. Plus, yoga pants are just so comfortable. Okay, so it’s our fault.

4. We love brunch

Like, so much that we’ll wait in line for two hours just for some eggs. And mimosas. And four dollar toast.

5. There are a lot of homeless people

Last year’s count found 6,436 people living on the street. And, no, it’s not a situation those of us with homes take lightly.

6. It's cold as hell in the summer

No, Mark Twain didn’t actually say the infamous quote, but yes, it’s true that our “winter” jackets see the most action in July. According to actual weather peoples, the summertime brrrrr is in part a result of SF being located between the Pacific & its cold-ass marine layer and the Central Valley's heat. The valley becomes a sort of vacuum in the summer that tries to pull the heavier marine layer to it and it ends up blanketing the city. #Science

7. We're super gay

About 15% of San Franciscans identify themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. AND we’re the world’s happiest city. So. Gay.

8. We love our bikes

The SFMTA estimates about 128,000 bike trips are made each day in the city and that 16% of San Francisco residents ride their bike two or more days a week. And yes, a bunch of those people are doing so on fixies. Because San Franciscans are also a little crazy.

9. We're obsessed with technology

Sadly, we didn’t all get rich when Twitter when public, but tech jobs do account for 19% of the total workforce in the Bay Area. And literally everyone has an iPhone. Which is why nearly half of the robberies in SF in 2013 were cell phone-related.

10. We're really, really flaky

Plans are not plans EVER with a person from SF. Unless you have a reservation at a super-hot restaurant and even then, you’ll need to send a confirmation text. And, no, you’re not allowed to get mad when someone bails at the last minute. At least not outwardly so.

11. We don't love fast food

SF spends 42% less than the national average on fast food. Oh, and In-N-Out doesn’t count as fast food. Duh.

12. Probably 'cause SF is a total foodie town

We've got the most eateries per capita (IN YOUR FACE NYC), with approximately 21 for every 10,000 residents.

13. We can barely tolerate being in the same state as Southern California

And it’s not just because there are so many Republicans down there. Of course, the feeling is mutual; there have been more than 200 proposals to break up California since the state was formed in 1850.

14. We're total tree huggers

So much so that recycling and composting are mandatory and we’re trying to achieve zero waste by 2020.

15. We're snobby

In fact, we were named the snobbiest city in the US. But we’re so snobby that we love it.

16. A native San Franciscan will make sure you know it within minutes of meeting

But considering that only 37.7% of San Franciscans were even born in the state of California, can you blame 'em?

17. We really do like Fernet

SF is responsible for consuming 35% of all the bottles of Fernet imported to the US. All of which we then recycle. Of course.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she truly believes nothing says you've given up on life quite like wearing UGGs. She owns four pairs. Follow her on Twitter @daisy.