Once in a while, New York City does something really well. Like pizza. And bagels. And really big apples, or whatever. Also: the recent #NYCin3Words hashtag that was introduced by Stephen Colbert a few weeks ago. And since they did it so well, we figured, naturally: we could do it soooo much better.

Here are just a few jumping-off ideas. Leave yours in the comments or Tweet them to us @ThrillistSF using #SFin3Words. 

We got this. (See what we did there?)


1. Karl the Fog


2. $4,000 one bedroom


3. Let’s get brunch!


4. Too many startups

Blue Bottle Coffee

5. Fancy latte art


6. Four dollar toast


7. Healthy SF surcharge


8. Can’t find parking

Flickr/Julia Wolf

9. Ugh, Burning Man.


10. $15 artisan cocktails


11. Summer in September


12. Seriously, nobody works

Flickr/Torbakhopper He Dead

13. Compost? Recycling? Garbage??????????


14. Transplants vs. Natives


15. Muni’s late again


16. Trustafarian gutter punks

Flickr/Shawn Clover

17. Don’t stop believin’


18. World Champion Giants


19. 2010, 2012, 2014


20. Oakland Raiders suck


21. Quest for Six

La Taqueria

22. Best. Burritos. Ever.


23. It’s always 4:20


24. Dude, it's poop.


25. "What's your Twitter?"


26. Shot of Fernet!

Flickr/Wade Roush

27. Fake service animals


28. Nice yoga pants


29. Lines are fun!


30. Never "San Fran"

Off the Grid

31. Where's Bacon Bacon?


32. Plastic bag? Nope.


33. Montana to Rice


34. Earthquake? ... Earthquake. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!


35. In Oakland? Hmmmmm...

Huey Lewis & the News

36. Huey Lewis fans


37. A billion microclimates


38. Bring a jacket


39. Pray for rain.



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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and if she had to pick her favorite Huey Lewis song it would probably be "Power of Love". Or "If This Is It". Or "Doing It All for My Baby". Or... maybe just follow her on Twitter @daisy and you can talk about it more there.



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