The Real San Francisco Muni Metro Map

Oh, Muni. The bane of every San Franciscan's existence (or at least the ones who care about the environment enough not to drive or Uber to work). Still, it's a necessary evil, and one whose very existence unites the city... in our mutual hatred of something we all agree majorly sucks most of the time. So, in the spirit of having a sense of humor, and perhaps making your next trip on a Muni train slightly more enjoyable, we present this to you: a map of what the REAL Muni Metro map should look like.

Scroll down to see closeups of the entire map, or CLICK HERE to enlarge it.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she remembers when kids rode the bus for a quarter. Ask her more questions about the olden days in SF on Twitter @daisy.