SF to LA Bullet Train Breaks Ground TODAY

You know how you're always like, "Gosh, it would be so fun to go to LA, but I don't wanna be in the car for six hours, or deal with the TSA for literally any amount of time." No? Well, yeah, us neither. But regardless of how much we really don't ever want to go to LA, sometimes going there is just, like, a thing you have to do. Say, for work. Or to visit Mickey (technically Anaheim, but still). And fine, LA does have some good things going for it, like the Magic Castle and ridiculously good-looking people. And sunshine. And warmer water. OKAY FINE, LA IS NOT THAT HORRIBLE.

Which is why you're super-stoked that today, the California High-Speed Rail Authority is breaking ground on the first high-speed rail system in the United States that will just happen to run for 800 miles between Sactown and San Diego. And yeah, there's zero reason to go to the state capital, but San Diego? They have a zoo! And even better weather than LA! And even MORE attractive people!

First, however, they're going to build the stretch of tracks that will allow you to get from SF to LA in under three hours, which is just enough time to have a few drinks, but not even enough time to watch Lord of the Rings. And because it's a train, it will be better for the environment and (hopefully) your bank account (ticket prices have yet to be set).

Only problem? This little project isn't going to be completed until 2029, which, in case you're sucky at math, is a full 14 years away. Still, it's nice to have things to look forward to, right? And sure, SF will probably be as warm as LA by then thanks to global warming, but we'll never have as many good-looking people. Which is always a great reason to get out of Dodge.

Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor. There is nothing in life she loves more than a bar car. Except, well, just a regular bar. Follow her on Twitter @daisy.