The 15 SF cabs you've definitely been in

If there's one major problem you could point out about San Francisco, it'd be the constant cold cash bars rent is too damn high taxis. And to prove this, we've gone ahead and compiled a list of the 15 worst cab drivers that definitely boost your interest in ride shares. We guarantee you've met them

The guy talking on his Bluetooth who you think is talking with you"What's that? Oh I'm doing good thanks, how about you. Why would I know what you want for dinner? I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans, can't you see me--ohhhhh, I feel dirty"

Guy you're pretty sure just arrived to the cityYeah, that's right, 19th and Valencia. How do we get there?? It's a number and a street... you literally DRIVE DOWN THAT STREET UNTIL YOU HIT THAT NUMBER

Guy trying to scam you into paying cash with a "broken credit card machine"Strange how quickly that machine was fixed when you insisted you only had cards

Guy who you swear is trying to scam you to give him cash until he eventually kicks you out because it seems like his machine really is broken... or he's really committed to the con

Cabbie who takes the Embarcadero anytime after 4p or during a Giants gameWHYYYYYYYYY

Driver who wants to be your new best friendHey buddy, it's 7a on a Friday, my voice sounds like Scott Ferrall from KNBR, I'm clearly in last night's clothing, can we get through this cab of shame without hearing about your cat's diabetes

Person who refuses to drive you to certain neighborhoodsHey, listen, I'm not excited about going to the Sunset either, but we'll get through this together

Dude who keeps asking if you mind if he smokesYes, a thousand times yes! No, rolling down your window won't help. Actually, roll your window down... it already smells like Joe the Camel in here

Driver you're almost positive is talking sh** about you in another languageYou think you're being sly but, I went to high school. I know when I'm being made fun of.

Guy with the windows up when the air conditioning's broken and it's 80 degrees outsideAnd his archnemesis: guy with his windows down when it's 55 degrees outside

Cabbie who wants to know what's crackin' wherever he's dropping you off"There a party or something? How do you get on the list?

Dude with awful ideas you find yourself agreeing to because arguing would be too riskyYeah, they should take all the cats and ship them out to sea. No, you're right, dinosaurs couldn't have existed. Why, yes, Nicolas Cage is the best actor of our generation

Driver who shares too muchOh, you only have one testicle? Well of course tell me THAT story