The do's and don'ts of wearing Google Glass

So apparently, there was some sort of altercation at Molotov's last week where a woman wearing Google Glass (the super high-tech glasses that give you a Terminator-style digital display in your peripheral vision) was "assaulted and robbed" by people at the bar who weren't super excited about her wearing $1,500 nerd eyewear at the Lower Haight punk bar. To help keep the peace, we decided to come up with this Do's and Don'ts Guide for wearing Google Glass. Stay safe, San Francisco.

DON'T: Wear them while waiting for your Google Bus in The Mission with that one guy standing in front of it refusing to move.

DO: Assume that everyone will think you're recording them, because let's be honest, you probably are.

DON'T: Record everyone all the time. God.

DO: Be prepared to field a million of the same questions, over and over. And over. Also: and over.

DON'T: Wear them while having sex. Why do we have to tell you that???

DO: Realize you will never look cool wearing a pair. Nope, not even then.

DON'T: Wear them to the Embarcadero Pillow Fight. Or if you do, at least avoid the guy with the pillowcase full of rocks.

DO: Wear them when you're getting a tour of Kink's armory.

DON'T: Wear them to Molotov's and then get "assaulted and robbed" by people at the bar who aren't super excited about you wearing $1,500 nerd eyewear at a Lower Haight punk bar.

Joe Starkey is San Francisco's Thrillist Editor and loves drinking with the dogs at Molotov's. Follow him on Twitter.