13 people in the Marina who are kinda the worst

The Mission gets a lot of flak for its eccentricities (fixies, mustaches, a coffee shop that makes fun of hipsters despite being super, um, hipster?), while the Marina largely gets a pass. Here to even the playing field: this list of the 13 people in the Marina who are, well, kinda the worst, too.


1) The guy who just did four "Yolo Bombs" (Fireball dropped into a Monster) at KT's
Or at Stock in Trade. Either way, Four-Yolo-Bomb guy.

2) Anyone outside Bar None
Or inside.

3) The guy who's peeing in your doorway
Why, dude? Just... why?


4) The bros playing frisbee who literally just ran through your spot in Crissy Field
It's a frisbee; it won't break if you don't catch it, and there's no one judging your performance. Except us now.

5) The girl who ISN'T wearing semi-see-through Lululemon pants

6) The insanely hot workout couple
I had something witty to say here, but my brain's not working so well.

Marina Community Association of San Francisco

7) The large family walking in front of you that's somehow spaced out so you can't get around them
If I could just... excuse... I've got a... Would you mi...

8) The guy who's wearing radically short shorts
And croakies. AND boat shoes. AND WAYFARERS. During Winter.

9) The bartender who clearly skipped over the song (that you paid for) at Monaghan's
How else am I supposed to show off my dance to Beyonce's "Partition"??

10) That one couple that won't get up from their table at Delarosa
You've been done for an hour! Go stare into each other's eyes somewhere else! I need pizza!

Marina Community Association of San Francisco

11) The guy whose parked Nissan Pathfinder is "barely" sticking out in front of your driveway and "It'll be fine, bro."
That's not 'barely', and no, it won't, bro.

12) The two dudes who are sitting at the 10-PERSON booth in the back of The Tipsy Pig
Don't you guys have a Crissy Field frisbee tournament to get to, or something?

13) Those people not from the Marina who walk around and judge everyone who lives here
Ugh, those people are the worst, right?

Joe Starkey is Thrillist's San Francisco Editor and will see you at Tipsy for brunch, bro. Follow him on Twitter.