29 things people in San Francisco absolutely love

The media LOVES to talk about stuff that's the worst, and while some of it is totally warranted, we decided to -- just this once -- glass-half-full this mother with a list of 29 things people in SF flat-out love. Feel free to add to it in the comments!

1. Driving into the city
It doesn't matter if it's on the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate (okay, it kinda matters; GG > BB, but still...). It's incredible.

2. That you can get a barrel-aged shot of whiskey or a can of Olympia at the same bar in the Tenderloin
We'll have both, thanks.

3. Riding on public transportation to a Giants game
No one cares how crowded it is, because everyone's a little tipsy and there's just a swelling feeling of hope in the air.

4. SantaCon
(But only if you're participating.)

5. Bay to Breakers
(But only if you're participating, slowly.)

6. Golden Gate Park, and the fact that you will never have explored every part of it
THERE'S A RAPTOR OBSERVATORY?!?!? Ohhhhh, like the bird. Still though.

7. That the most famous library in SF is a bar
Not that we're against literacy...

8. That pretty much all of the famous local chefs who own restaurants in SF actually still work in the kitchen
Our famous chefs get famous for their work... and then continue doing what they love, rather than trading it in for TV.

9. Free parking
Even if it's on a hill, and you're paralleling on the wrong side of the street. Still, free parking.

10. That everyone here is a little bit weird
And we all know it and we're all okay with it.

11. Oakland
How great is it that we have a whole other city just across the Bay with a completely different personality, a million things to do, St. George Spirits is a bus ride away (you guys gotta try the new NOLA coffee liqueur), and rent that is a zillion times less than SF? Pretty freaking great, that's how.

12. The sun
Doesn't matter if it's peeking through the high-rises in the FiDi (wait, no that was just a reflection, still totally dark over here), or you're bathing in it in Dolores Park. When it gets sunny, it's like the whole city is having a BBQ party... and everyone loves those.

13. That the city is completely walkable
If you wanted to, you could walk from one end of the city to the other in under a couple of hours. And if you wanted to do it while going around the Tenderloin, you could probably do it in under three.

14. UberX. Or Sidecar. Or Lyft. Really, anything that isn't a taxi.
Oh, you want me to fist bump you when I get in, too? Awesome.

15. The views, everywhere and anywhere
No UberX ride goes by where you don't think to yourself, "Wow, that's f-ing beautiful."

Everyone loves bacon, but SF loves loves bacon. And we've got the Bacon Bacon Truck to prove it.

17. That we don't have or need AC
363 days a year.

18. The fact that you can go from beer pong with the bros to an art gallery opening in 15 minutes
That's just kinda awesome.

19. That there is no dress code
Unless you are going to court, you will never have to wear a suit here. Shorts and sandals? Sure. Wanna wear a tie? No one's gonna stop you.

20. That we could exist off of burritos alone
And you could probably find five different taquerias to make it happen within two blocks of your place. And it's all better than anything on the East Coast, especially in NYC, which we also love... to hate.

21. Working from home on Summer Fridays
And by "Working from home" we mean "Having a Tecate in Dolores Park" with literally every other person who is "working from home" too.

22. The fact that you can eat oysters non-stop at Swan Oyster Depot, from 8am-5:30pm

23. OHMYGOD Brunch
Fake historically speaking, San Francisco actually invented brunch. True fake story. Seriously though, we have so many mind-blowing brunches here, and so many of them are bottomless, that there are actually publications that have made giant lists detailing all of them.

Rooftop Party
Joe Starkey

24. Friends with rooftop access
All other friends < these friends.

25. Talking about how great San Francisco is
We like us some us.

26. Outside Lands
But only if Paul McCartney is there. Or you have a friend in the VIP media tent who keeps bringing out free beer. Or Paul McCartney keeps bringing out free beer.

27. Walking across the cable car tracks
It's honestly cool to just listen to the wires furiously moving under the street, pulling faraway cable cars that you can't even see.

28. Coffee that's made here
Especially Blue Bottle. And Philz. And Sightglass. And Reveille. And Ritual. And Four Barrel.

29. Wine buses
Doesn't even matter to where.

Joe Starkey is Thrillist's San Francisco Editor and is always looking for more friends with rooftop access. Invite him over for a party on Twitter.