Here're SF's 5 best lunch delivery services

San Francisco Chances are, it's going to be pouring outside for the next few days, and since we're about as cool with water as the Wicked Witch of the West, we've rounded up the five best delivery services so you can eat a delicious lunch, warm and dry, while laughing at everyone else outside (that last part's optional).

GrubHub Seamless
Services: Anywhere in the city; sometimes for a fee, sometimes just an order minimum.
Offerings: Pretty much every darn restaurant you can think of.
Best Option: Rosamunde's!
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Eat Club
Services: Offices in SF, if you order by 10:30am.
Offerings: A daily array of hand-picked dishes from some of the city's finest restaurants, that they deliver via a tricked-out bus. Plus: all the boxes are personalized!
Best Option: If it's on the roster that day, Nopalito. For sure.


Services: Minimum $60 order for SF delivery; $100 for South Bay.
Offerings: A ton of different restaurants they say aren't available elsewhere, like Out the Door, Ozumo, Limon Rotisserie, etc.
Best Option: Ike's!

Brenda's French Soul Food

Services: All of SF and Treasure Island (??) for a flat $9.99 delivery fee.
Offerings: A bunch of restaurants not on other sites' delivery options (Wise Sons, Little Star, etc.).
Best Option: Brenda's Soul Food!

L. Condom
Services: SF.
Offerings: Screw lunch (ha!), get a one-hour condom delivery instead.
Best Option: Being at home, so you don't have to explain a lot of things to HR.