The Weekend Playbook: Microhood parties and puppies

San Francisco Freebie of the Week More like freebies of the week, because tonight, The Bold Italic is putting on a microhood party on Clement between 3rd and 7th, with wine at Seedstore, beer and music at Green Apple Books, Dirty Trix Saloon is giving out complimentary meatball sliders, and a TON more stuff is being given away/discounted -- all you have to do is RSVP. And also show up.

Thursday, November 21st: If you have some extra cashola to spare and want 'in' on a dinner by some of the top chefs in the city, you can grab tickets to SF Chefs "Barbecue Unbound" shindig, taking place tonight at Hi-Lo BBQ. Continue Reading

Thursday, November 21st: Though Marla Bakery is still a ways away from opening their main shop in the Richmond, they have opened a window in Potrero Hill (aren't windows the best??) that'll be serving deliciousness from a duo with cred from Wise Sons and Nopa. Check it

Friday, November 22nd: The best part of the holiday season is back today. No, not getting Christmas cards with $10 from Grandma... the SPCA kitten and puppy windows are back Downtown! You can even volunteer (read: spend your day hanging out with puppies).

Saturday, November 23rd: Not just what happens when a cloud and a city really love each other, Fog Baby Cafe is a new Richmond cafe that's got some pretty delicious sandwiches (roast beef with melted Swiss cheese, avocado, spicy mustard on a toasted sourdough roll) for the next time (we're guessing Saturday?) you happen to be near Ocean Beach (with a parka, we're assuming).