The Weekend Playbook: Skeeball Halloween parties and Sharknado in a theater

San Francisco Event of the Week
The Clift Hotel is throwing their annual, amazing Halloween bash tonight, and the theme is Zombiewood, so come as your favorite dead celebrity (Tara Reid's career... zing!!) or dust-off that old Superman costume you keep wearing because you refuse to buy something new. Make sure to get your (free) RSVP on, or you won't get in.

Thursday, October 31st: NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences is really going all-out tonight with an insane list of events, including dissecting a giant squid, touchable human brai(iiiiiiii)ns, a professional makeup artist giving monster makeovers, and -- scariest of all -- they'll be showing Sharknado on the big screen, so grab some tix before they fly away. Continue Reading

Thursday, October 31st: If you haven't already checked out Haunted House of Horrors, or if you're a masochist, you may want to take them up on their Halloween night; $10-off specials so that you can pee your pants in terror for 25% off! Get them before they're out!

Thursday, October 31st: Virgil's Sea Room is pairing up with DSF Clothing for a free Halloween party complete with a costume contest, a skeeball competition (!!), drink specials, and food from Wing Wings that'll go well with the smeared zombie makeup you already have on. Make sure to get all the deets here.

Thursday, October 31st: Nothing says Halloween like a giant, outdoor dance party with food trucks... well, okay, a lot of things do, but this fete thrown by FunCheapSF at SoMaStrEat Food Park's got DJs, scary movies on giant TVs, $3 PBR tall boys, Halloween-themed food truck items, and a fortune teller who predicts you'll enjoy yourself more if you RSVP here to get in free.

Thursday, October 31st: If you don't want to dance (or even move) like a healthy human being, go on the Zombie Pub Crawl, where you're required to dress as the walking dead (but not, ugh, Lori). Just make sure you let them know you're coming and get in good costume, because free shots go to the best zombie.

Don't forget to check out all the haunted houses you can visit tonight