SF is No. 1 at these 13 things. Suck it, every other city.

Real talk: we know San Francisco is The Best. It’s why we live here despite crazy rents and human feces on the sidewalks. Still... it’s nice to have what we already know verified by outside sources, if only because it makes it easier to brag about SF to our friends and family who, for whatever dumb reason, don’t live here.
Take a look at all of the things we’re in first place for, and then give yourself a blue ribbon for choosing to live here. And sure, not all of them are flattering, but it doesn't matter what we won for -- just that we won!


39% of San Franciscans are single, which doubles as both the highest percentage in the country and also the single greatest stat you can possibly drop anytime anyone asks you when you’re finally going to settle down.


Which is weird, because it feels like no one in this town actually has one.


We’ve got this one by a landslide. Only 14% of for-sale SF homes are affordable for the middle class. That’s a full 9% less than LA, which is #2 on the list. What can we say? If it sucked here, it’d be cheaper, amirite Phoenix?


Sure, if you Google this, you might find results for a different city (ugh: Boulder), but we’re SO smart we found a way around that.

Flickr/Jim Nix


Flickr/Jack Staub

The only place better than Napa? Tuscany. And sure, Napa is like 45 minutes away from SF, but we feel totally comfortable claiming this one.


No, Mark Twain didn’t actually say the infamous quote, but SF still takes home the trophy for coldest summers. The best part? We totally don’t care. If we want to be warm, all we have to do is drive thirty minutes in literally any direction. Or don't, and just wait three-ish months.

Flickr/Genial 23

We’d like to take this opportunity to point out that New York didn’t even break the top five.

Sonoma Horse Park

Wait, what? How did Boston not win this competition? Turns out SF, home of hipsters, ironic mustaches, and guys who have taken a political stance against deodorant, is also the home to a high mix of private schools, equestrian centers, college grads, country clubs, and preppy clothing retailers. Who. Knew.

Flickr/Brad Coy

Can’t afford to buy a place (see #3)? Bummer, ‘cause SF also has the highest median rent amongst the nation’s largest cities. Unfortunately, this is one where we would have been happy to lose to New York.

Flickr/Telstar Logistics

Yahoo readers voted SF the most overrated city in the country. JEALOUS MUCH?


We’re the happiest city in the US, so good luck trying to bring us down, haters.

Flickr/Alejandro C

No shame! After all, with a list like this, aren't we justified in being a little snobby? Hullo: WE LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she's going to have to disagree that SF is the best city in which to be single (not that she doesn't love watching reality TV and drinking wine alone on Friday nights; she does). Follow her on Twitter @daisy.