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The 14 Worst Restaurant Names in San Francisco, Ranked

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

San Francisco has arguably the best restaurants in the country. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop it from also having arguably some of the worst restaurant names in the country, the top 14 of which we've graciously ranked for you below, from worst to worst-est. Also, this likely goes without saying, but this list has nothing to do with the food at any of these establishments, which in almost all cases is pretty great. This just has to do with our maturity. Or, rather, our lack thereof.

Editor's Note: Huge apologies to King Dong and Pho King, who didn't make the list because they're located in Berkeley and Oakland, but who should probably get together and make some magic.

14. The Stinking Rose

North Beach
Yes, it's a moniker for garlic, but c'mon...

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

13. Loving Hut

Multiple locations
We can think of a lot of things one might do in a loving hut. Eating vegan food isn't one of them.

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

12. B&M Mei Sing

Inner Richmond
The only place one should sing about BMs is in the bathroom. And really, even doing it there is a little unnecessary 95% of the time.

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

11. Phuket Thai

Lower Haight
Yes, we realize Phuket is a province in Thailand and no, we're not mature enough to care.

10. The Sausage Factory

This building used to house a literal sausage factory. Now it houses a pizza place. In The Castro.

9. Pizza Orgasmica

Multiple locations

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

8. Burger Urge

Upper Haight
Now if Pizza Orgasmica could get together with Burger Urge, we might find a little satisfaction in that.

7. Squat & Gobble

Multiple locations
All we can picture is a fat man squatting over a toilet, gobbling down turkey legs. And now that's likely all you can picture, too. You're welcome.

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

6. Kaka Udon Kitchen

Polk Gulch
Kaka might mean "mother" in Japanese, but in English it means "poop," and that's all there is to say about that.

5. The Old Clam House

No commentary needed.

4. Hung Phat Bakery & Coffee


Ashley Batz/Thrillist

3. Munchboxx

Financial District
Actually, going there more often would probably save a lot of relationships.

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

2. Sidewalk Juice

The Mission
Annnnnnnnnnnd vomit.

Ashley Batz/Thrillist

1. Asian Box

Union Square
"Where were you man?"
"Oh, just eating some Asian Box."
"How was it?"
"So good."

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and, yes, this is seriously her job.  Let her know which restaurant names she left off of this list in the comments below or over on Twitter @daisy.