Seattle's best and brightest predict big things for Fremont, and the Seahawks

Published On 12/31/2012 Published On 12/31/2012

When Seattle's most forward-thinking food experts gaze into the stars, they see Fremont becoming the center of the food universe, a successful Seahawks playoff run, and the Mariners in the World Series! Well, two out of three

Jon Christiansen, Bar Manager, Monsoon East & Ba Bar "Bars will stop funding international advertising budgets by abandoning the big liquor wholesalers for smaller boutique guys that give them reasonable prices on great products. You can also expect the Seahawks to go to the NFC championship game.

Brian & Jaime Brooks, Chefs/Owners, Hunger "Higher taxes, hipsters create their own colony and secede from the Union, weed-infused cocktails (420LocO).

Greg Lopez, Chef, Urbane "If we don't fall off the 'Fiscal Cliff', we will see diners start to return to the white-tablecloth, Dom Perignon, and caviar-style of dining. If the economy remains uncertain, people will continue to crave the comfort foods they are familiar with... as long as they're executed with premium foodstuffs and flair.

Tom Ennis, CEO, Oh Boy! Oberto Beef Jerky "I predict our new Bacon Jerky is going to be a big hit. It'll be like giving your tongue a high-five in 2013! In all seriousness, I also imagine more brands will continue to move toward a “less is more”, all-natural outlook. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are consuming, and aren't buying things with a bunch of weird ingredients and additives. It’s a movement that is only getting stronger.

Sam Crannell, Chef/Owner, Lloyd Martin "Fremont will burst at the seams with new wonderful places to eat and drink. As for trends: lots of vegetables, less beef, and more game.

Jason Wilson, Chef, Crush "We'll see more wood-fueled classic American foods. Sous vide cooking will becoming much more mainstream. You'll also see more Lebanese, Turkish, and other Middle Eastern foods and ingredients.

Ethan Stowell, Chef/Owner, Ethan Stowell Restaurants "The Mariners will make the playoffs! The coolest salumi bar in Seattle will open on Capitol Hill, and Tim Burgess will be Seattle's next mayor."