What smells so good? The year's best stories that defy categorization.

The Cope Twins: Aesthetically pleasing twins Amber and Angela Cope rip up the Nationwide series, but took time out ahead of tomorrow's Chicagoland race to talk running dudes off the road, growing up in Puyallup, and dropping the hammer....more

Erickson Longboards: Expertly crafted using reclaimed hardwoods sourced from downed trees, salvage operations, and even an old stable in Tennessee, these decks from EL were conceived on a road trip its Seattle-based creator took after getting laid off...more

PillowMob: Launched by a local tech vet and his Slovakia-based partner, the idea for PM was born when the former's brother-in-law gave creepily realistic plushie dolls of himself to guests at his wedding...more

Steelplant: Scheduled to drop in a series of limited editions (each of which'll be helmed by a different artist), these hand-constructed/arted desktop storage devices (designed to hold office supplies, magazines, trash, etc.) were conceived by an Issaquah-based designer...more

iFly Seattle: Located near Southcenter, this visually arresting indoor skydiving facility is the first of its kind in the Northwest, and provides the "thrill of freefall in a safe, controlled environment"...more