Tech it to the limit with the year's best

Romotive: A sweet-but-not-quite-finished robotics project, Romotive is a motorized robot platform that's powered via smartphone and gets its functionality from various downloadable apps...more

The AMP Project: QR Codes are now used to point smartphones to the internet, something local artist Tony Taj is going next level with by embedding them in his work...more

Contour ROAM: The 5.1oz ROAM's a tiny but super-durable/easy-to-use version of the action sports-ready wearable cams turned out by Contour...more

ZionEyez: Conceived by a Seattle-based crew of techies/engineers, this still-in-development piece of wearable geekery looks just like a classic pair of Wayfarer-ish shades but actually boasts a fully concealed video camera...more

Blumenstein Ultra Fi: Based in a 1000sqft SODO woodshop, BUF turns out modernist polished-wood sound boxes all individually handmade by an engineer who wanted to build something better than the usual "crappy" mass-produced speakers...more